Children's Ministry

We love our kids at St. Andrew’s! Every Sunday morning, you’ll find children from kinder through 5th grade in the Youth House, where their club, The Order of the Phoenix, meets for lessons, crafts, and fun. 

Our goal in Children’s Ministry is to ensure that our children go out into the world carrying with them the joy of the Gospel and the assurance that they are dearly loved by God, so that they can share that love with others.


We named ourselves Order of the Phoenix because just as the legendary phoenix dies but then rises from its own ashes into new life, our Jesus died, but then rose and left the grave behind–opening wide the path to God’s presence! We meet for lessons, crafts, games, gardening, and fellowship each week during the 10:30 service. As families arrive at church, Miss Tracy meets the children in the Narthex and takes them to the Youth House. The children then rejoin their families in the big church for Communion and the closing prayers and hymns.


Every Sunday during the Christian Formation hour and the 10:30 service, our littlest children are welcome to hang out in our brand new Little Flock nursery, located in McKeogh Hall, where they are loved and looked after. For youngsters who stay in church with their families, we offer Busy Bags filled with quiet activities like books and coloring pages, to help calm the wiggles—although we think wiggling in church is just fine! Grab a Busy Bag in the Narthex.


We meet every Sunday morning during the 10:30 service!

We consider our parish to be a big family–and Children’s Ministry is at the top of our list of priorities. On Sundays, kids in K-5th grade–The Order of the Phoenix–meet for lessons, crafts, and fun!


March 1st is the first Sunday of Lent–and that’s they day we, as a parish, stop saying “Alleluia” until Easter morning. Every year, our children decorate a beautiful Alleluia banner, which we then roll up and put away until it is taken out again with great celebration on Easter morning. Stay in the loop: Be sure to subscribe to our Children’s Ministry Newsletter!


Every season at St. Andrew’s brings lots of great kid-centered activities. In the summer, we host special family-friendly events, along with special Sundays, like Lemonade Stand Sunday and Popsicle Sunday. In the fall and winter, there are cozy family movie nights, our Christmas pageant, an Advent wreath-making event, and more. Come spring, we observe Lent by burying our Alleluias, and then celebrating as we bring them back on Easter Sunday, when we have an Easter egg hunt with crafts and games for all. St. Andrew’s kids can be seen on any given day working in their own special children’s area in the Prayer Garden, bringing their pets to the Blessing of the Animals, helping out in the community, and making wonderful messes at craft time.