201 E Nolte St

The St. Andrew's campus has four main meeting areas: the main church building, the chapel, McKeogh Hall, and the Youth House. 
  • The main church building can be accessed via the circle drive on Crockett St or through the courtyard entrance on E Nolte St. 
  • The chapel has two entrances; there are a set of double doors on E Nolte St next to the courtyard entrance and another entrance from the small courtyard between the church and the chapel. 
  • McKeogh Hall (MH) can be accessed from E Nolte St or through the courtyard entrance. 
  • The Youth House (YH) is a small white building located on Crockett St, across from the circle drive. 
  • The church office is located inside of McKeogh Hall and can be accessed through the courtyard entrance.