Gathered here are recordings of the Reverend Alex Easley Holloway and other preachers sharing the stories, lectures, and lessons that are told during the Sunday services.

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St. Andrew’s Day

November 29, 2020
Join us for our St. Andrew's Day livestream service where Bishop Lillibridge will receive 5 new members into the Episcopal Church!
Join us for our Christ the King livestream service. We apologize for the technical difficulties. The issues have been resolved and full services will be livestreamed in the future.
Join us for our Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost service.
Join us for our Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost service

All Saints Day

November 1, 2020
Join us for our All Saints' Day live stream service!
Join us for our Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost service!
Join us for our Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost live stream service!
Join us for our Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost Service!
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St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, a congregation of the Episcopal Church, and a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion.