Gathered here are recordings of the Reverend Alex Easley Holloway and other preachers sharing the stories, lectures, and lessons that are told during the Sunday services.

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Seeking Jesus

January 5, 2020
The three kings search for Jesus, a new kind of King. A new kind of King, meant new kinds of possibilities.

Is Jesus the One you expected?

December 15, 2019
What do you think? Better yet, what do you discern? Is Jesus the One you expected? Perhaps today is the day to accept this Jesus as he is.

All Saints Day

November 3, 2019
How are Halloween and All Saints Day related?
Two men, two prayers, two attitudes, two verdicts.


October 20, 2019

God’s love for the Lost

September 15, 2019
Jesus wasn't calling crowds. He was calling disciples. Jesus is calling us to an adventure of new thinking, boldness, and life.

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